Taylor Swift's Call to Action...

In a powerful message on National Voter Registration Day, Taylor Swift urges her fans to make their voices heard by registering to vote.

Swift's Message to Swiftie

Taylor Swift reaches out to her fans, affectionately known as "Swifties," emphasizing the importance of participating in elections and making a difference.

Your Voice Matter

The pop superstar recognizes the influence of her fans' voices and encourages them to be prepared for upcoming elections.

Swift's Instagram Call

Swift took to Instagram Stories to share her heartfelt message, urging fans to take action and register to vote.

Easy Registration Proce

Registering to vote is quick and easy. Swift provides a link to vote.org/nvrd, where you can register in less than 2 minutes.

Swift's Civic Engagement

This isn't the first time Taylor Swift has advocated for civic engagement. She has been working with Vote.org, a non-partisan organization, to encourage voter participation.

Taylor Setting an Example

Swift sets an example by voting in her local election and encourages others to choose representatives who will shape their future.

A Call to Young Voter

Andrea Hailey, CEO of Vote.org, stresses the importance of young voters in shaping the future and calls on them to register and participate in upcoming elections.

Upcoming Election

With several states having elections in November and many primaries scheduled for early 2024, National Voter Registration Day is a crucial starting point for the next presidential election.

Our Future Starts Now

Hailey encourages everyone to check their voter registration status on Vote.org, emphasizing that our country works best when everyone participates, and the time to get registered to vote is now.